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05th Nov 2018

Laughing gang burn Grenfell Tower effigy at bonfire night

The incident has been reported to the police as a hate crime

Oli Dugmore

The video of a Grenfell model burning has been reported to the police as a hate crime

Party goers burned an effigy of Grenfell Tower on bonfire night.

A video circulated on WhatsApp shows a model of the tower, with brown paper used for the faces of people inside, being put on a bonfire.

The Met Police said that although the footage is in “poor taste” it does not appear a crime has been committed.

In the background people can be heard joking “help me” and “stay in your flat,” and laughing as the Tower is set alight.

Another says: “Did it start on the 10th floor? We should have turned it upside down.”

Cheering can be heard when the effigy collapses.

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said: “This is an appalling and disturbing video.

“To intentionally use and mock the Grenfell Tower fire in this way will cause deep pain and offence to the bereaved, survivors, the local community and all of the emergency services who will never forget that night. It cannot be justified on any level.”

grenfell effigy

The participants are not currently identified, nor the location other than a back garden featuring a St George’s Cross.

72 people were killed in the fire in June 2017.

Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said: “This is sickening and disgraceful behaviour.

“The victims of #Grenfell Tower fire suffered an unimaginable death, and the survivors watched their loved ones and homes perish.

“I am disgusted that people would behave in such a hateful way.”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Although the image is in poor taste it does not appear that a criminal offence has been committed.”