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04th Apr 2018

Great white shark interrupts police operation in Australia

James Dawson

This is truly incredible.

Pictures have shown the moment a police operation was intercepted by a great white shark.

The shark was coined Noah by South Australia police. It was filming moving between a police dinghy operated by two police officers which was heading for a recreational fishing boat. The boat was the target of a random breath.

“Police were concentrating on recreational boats and checking registration, licences and safety equipment along with alcohol and drug-testing operators when they were paid a visit by one of the locals,” SA police wrote on social media. “Noah wasn’t keen on being breath tested and our Water Operations Unit officers were happy to oblige!”

Watch the footage here:

The men on the recreational fishing boat told ABC radio in Adelaide they were trying to escape the shark when the police boat headed towards them.

“We kind of had thoughts of changing our Bonds [underwear] a couple of times,” Mark Oates told the ABC. “So we powered up and cruised out of there but it just kept following us for 10 minutes.”

Sounds like a truly frightening experience.