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25th Mar 2021

Government buildings will fly Union flag everyday to ‘unite nation’

The Union Jack will fly every day outside government buildings around the UK

Danny Jones

The Union Jack will fly every day outside government buildings around the UK

These days, we tend to save flying the flag for sporting events or the Queen’s birthday. In England especially, the Union flag, or Union Jack, is seen as much more palatable than St. George’s cross, given that the latter seems to have been co-opted by jingoism and far-right nationalists.

Nevertheless, the British flag is supposed to be a symbol of unity between its four countries, but it seems to have been anything but over recent weeks, if not even longer. It was only five days ago that Conservative MP, Lia Nici, suggested perhaps people “should move to another country” if they so much as crack a joke about the Union flag.

However, following an announcement from the Minister for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden, the flag is set to fly every day around government buildings across the UK. Dowden said that the flag should act as “a proud reminder of our history and the ties that bind us,” and will encourage all councils to follow suit.

There seems to be an ongoing obsession with flags not just among the general public, but amongst politicians too. In the Covid-19 era or Zoom press conferences, having a flag hanging behind you seems to be the easiest way to denote your patriotism.

Apparently, you’re even more patriotic if you have Damien Hirst’s picture of the Queen behind you, like Matt Hancock. Ahh yes, nothing says man of the people doing his best for the nation like using an expensive piece of artwork to draw attention from your disingenuous, smirking little mug.

At present, the Union flag only flies on around 20 occasions a year – each time for some significant day in the calendar – no wonder we’re a mess! Flagshagger’s, rejoice! Apparently, all you need to do to mend significant rifts in the nation is wave a fucking flag.