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02nd Sep 2015

Google has a brand new logo for the first time in 16 years (Video)

What do you think?

Ben Kenyon

Our old friend Google has been a big part of our lives now for 16 years. Sixteen years!

We can’t even remember what we were doing 16 years ago, never mind the first time we used the simple, but life-changing little search engine.

That classic colourful logo popping up every time you wanted to check the latest transfer news, what to buy your girlfriend for Christmas at 23:45pm on Christmas eve, or that time you were desperately looking up ‘doctors’ that time you thought you had the clap.

Ah the memories. But like every old friend (that is always there, never leaves you alone and knows far too much about what you do on the internet) they change…grow up, move on, get a new haircut and start wearing hipster clothes and talking in that weird Uni accent.

Google is the same…after 16 years the search engine has created itself a new logo.

Now you might not think that’s much of a big deal, but this is the new logo you’ll be gawping at 200 times a day for the next decade.

So it better be good. There’s a new Google Doodle to show it off…