Ghislaine Maxwell pictured with 'black eye' in first photo from prison 1 year ago

Ghislaine Maxwell pictured with 'black eye' in first photo from prison

Maxwell was arrested in July last year in connection to the Jeffrey Epstein case

The former 59-year-old British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been photographed with a black eye in her Brooklyn jail. The image was released by her lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, who says guards are having to watch her closely.


According to Sternheim, prison guards are having to shine light into her cell "every 15 minutes to make sure she is still breathing and has not tried to kill herself".

These concerns surrounding her safety are listed in a letter to the district court judge overseeing the case. It is believed that she could be moved to separate housing if she does not explain the bruise and Maxwell herself has not given any information as to how it was received.

She has insisted that she is unaware of how the bruise was caused but, "as reported to medical and psych staff, she has grown increasingly reluctant to report information to the guards for fear of retaliation, discipline, and punitive chores."


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Maxwell was the former partner of Jeffrey Epstein - now deceased - and was arrested on charges of assisting the sex offender with trafficking minors. She claims to have no recollection of the events.

It is thought these crimes started in 1994 at least and throughout the 2000s. Epstein was charged in July 2019 and later found dead in his cell in August.


There is set be a Channel 4 documentary surrounding Ghislaine Maxwell's case and her part in Epstein's supposed sex trafficking ring, as names like Prince Andrew are also believed to be connected.