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27th Apr 2016

Frankie Boyle demolishes Jeremy Hunt over the junior doctors strike

"Jeremy Hunt is a c**t, but like most socialists I don't have any ideas how to do anything better."

Carl Anka

Comedian Frankie Boyle has delivered another outspoken article over the state of Britain today with an utter disemboweling of Jeremy Hunt.

In a new column for the Guardian, Frankie takes on the Secretary of State for Health, and holds him responsible for the junior doctors strike and dismantling the NHS, arguing that Hunt is “running the service down”.


Titled “Jeremy Hunt doesn’t understand junior doctors. He co-wrote a book on how to dismantle the NHS”, the fiery piece comes with a fair dose of Boyle’s near knuckle humour.

 “Consider how desperate these doctors are: so desperate that they want to talk to Jeremy Hunt. Surely even Hunt’s wife would rather spend a sleepless 72 hours gazing into a cracked open ribcage than talk to him.”

“Hunt won’t speak to the doctors, even though doctors are the people who know how hospitals work. Hunt’s only other job was founding Hotcourses magazine: his areas of expertise are how to bulletpoint a list and make dog grooming look like a viable career change.”

The absurdity of NHS handling is also a topic for Boyle’s writing as he makes mention of the strain the hospital sector faces with constant cuts.

“We have a fairly low proportion of people who are doctors, don’t plan to invest in training any more, and are too racist to import them. So we’re shuffling around the doctors we do have to the weekend, when not a lot of people are admitted, from the week, when it’s busy.

“This is part of a conscious strategy to run the service down to a point where privatisation can be sold to the public as a way of improving things.”

Boyle ends his piece with a poignant memory of his time in hospital as a child, which we we recommend you read in its original context on the Guardian.

Soon after the column was published, people were soon to flock to social media with their thoughts on the piece and  junior doctor’s strike.

Many praised Boyle for his unrestrained writing.
While those on the other side critiqued Frankie Boyle for his sometimes glib and not wholly accurate write up of a complex topic.
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