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01st Aug 2016

Frank Ocean keeps everyone waiting with a cryptic new livestream

Stop playing with our emotions Frank.

Carl Anka

Frank Ocean is a master tease.

The former Odd Future stablemate has had music fans on tenterhooks for well over a year now, as we wait for his much anticipated sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry.

Approximately every other month we hear rumours and whisper that Frank might be finally ready to release his album, only to be disappointed.

He would set us up to knock us down again. Eventually it looked like Boys Don’t Cry would end up being another mythical rap release, like Detox.


But then last month saw a release of an image of an overdue library slip with a years worth of postponements on Frank’s Boys Don’t Cry website. Simply titled ‘Late’, it looked like Frank was about to release an album in July.

And then, this morning…. something happened.

Frank Ocean Live Stream

Streaming on Boys Don’t Cry, a black and white video shows two work benches. Every now and again a person enters the room and does some light carpentry, and for forty seconds (40!!) we heard a clip of music.

Despite hearing less than a minutes worth of music on a six hour live stream, Frank has got people worked up again.


The video has an Apple logo in the top right hand corner, pointing to a probable Apple Music release, but we honestly have no idea anymore.

Just release the album already Frank. 2016 has been a terrible year; at lease give us some good music to cry along to.

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Frank Ocean