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28th Dec 2016

France now has a road named after Brexit

Quite literally a road to nowhere...

Simon Lloyd

The mayor of Beaucaire in the south of France has been so impressed by the result of Brexit, he’s decided to name a street after the referendum result.

Julien Sanchez took the unusual step because he wanted to “pay homage to the choice of the sovereign British people”, and after a council vote, it appears he’s got his way.

A tweet from Sanchez showed that of the 38 votes on the matter, 29 were in favour of naming the previously unnamed road after Brexit.

Pictured in the aerial photo below, ‘Rue du Breixt’  (‘Brexit Street’ to us lot) lies in an industrial estate, just off Rue Robert Schuman. Oh, and you can make your own jokes about the fact that it literally goes nowhere, too…


Speaking to France Bleu, Sanchez explained that plenty of British people have been quick to congratulate those involved in making the Brexit-named road a reality.

“We have already received lots of messages of thanks and congratulations from British people… British MPs are starting to talk about it.

I think that the people of Beaucaire are very happy that Europeans have reclaimed their sovereignty, and perhaps they will want to reclaim their own as well.”