Former Daily Mail editor to be appointed chairman of Ofcom 8 months ago

Former Daily Mail editor to be appointed chairman of Ofcom

Vocal critics of the BBC are set to be given top TV jobs

The former editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, is Boris Johnson's first choice to become chairman of Ofcom, according to the Times.


Lord Burns is currently head of the broadcasting regulator but will step down at the end of the year.

Lord Moore, former editor of the Telegraph and biographer of Margaret Thatcher, has also reportedly been asked by the prime minister to become BBC chairman.

Moore has been vocal in his criticism of the BBC in the past, notably disagreeing with the criminalisation of failing to pay the licence fee.

The BBC has come under heavy scrutiny from both left and right in the past few years, with people in both camps accusing it of inherent bias.

In his role at Ofcom, Dacre would want to clamp down on this supposed bias. He is also understood to be in favour of preserving the BBC, believing it "needs saving from itself."

The Times report that Dacre is willing to accept the role, as long as he is provided he is given assurances about his freedom to act.


These appointments are “part of a process of the prime minister putting allies in key positions,” a source told the Times.

Lord Moore being selected as BBC chairman has provoked controversy after the role, whose appointment is supposed to be an open process, wasn't advertised.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have reportedly put together a job description for the role and will invite applications this week, with the same applying to the Ofcom role, which will open next month.

Staff at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport were supposedly unaware of Johnson privately offering the role to Lord Moore.

A government spokesman said: “We will launch the application process for the new chair of the BBC shortly. It is an open recruitment process and all public appointments are subject to a robust and fair selection criteria.”