Floyd Mayweather's van set alight during trip to Birmingham 4 years ago

Floyd Mayweather's van set alight during trip to Birmingham

Floyd Mayweather is currently touring around the UK but his trip to Birmingham did not go according to plan.

The 49-0 boxing great has taken his Undefeated Tour to these shores, where he will meet fans and answer a hell of a lot of questions about UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.


Mayweather's Saturday afternoon was spent in Selfridges in Bullring before he spoke to boxing reporter Gareth A. Davies at Birmingham's International Convention Centre in the evening.

And while the 40-year-old was approached by notorious Irish impressionist Al Foran, who treated Mayweather to his uncanny take on McGregor, Mike Tyson, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Donald Trump, something altogether less funny was taking place outside the venue.

The Money Team van that is shipping Mayweather's entourage between cities was targeted by vandals, who set the vehicle alight on the busy street.

The van was left smouldering, with the below image posted to Snapchat on Saturday evening.


This video shows the aftermath of the fire, which lasted several minutes before emergency services arrived on the scene.

Mayweather's next stop is London's O2 Arena and surely that can't go any worse than his experience in the West Midlands.