Fire in Ireland uncovers massive sign from World War 2 2 years ago

Fire in Ireland uncovers massive sign from World War 2

An incredible slice of history has been uncovered

Throughout the heatwave that has scorched Ireland for the past few months, certain areas of the country have been ravaged by wildfires. A fire in Bray was so serious that it temporarily halted the DART rail service to the area.

This weekend the Gardaí (Irish police) revealed that the Bray fire uncovered a huge sign designed to let German and Allied bombers know that they flying over Ireland, as opposed to the United Kingdom, during World War 2. The sign reads "Eire" which is the Irish language word for Ireland.

Ireland maintained its neutrality throughout the war and the stone signs were common on the country's coast during the period. Although there are plenty of the signs still around in the country, this one had been masked for decades by overgrowth.

In a post on Twitter on Saturday afternoon, the Gardaí shared a photo of the message, adding: "A Garda Air Support Unit crew spotted that the fire on Bray Head has revealed an “EIRE” sign dating from the Second World War. We see these around the coastline but haven’t seen this before."