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14th Oct 2021

FIFA reportedly want to charge EA Sports $1billion every four years for name

Daniel Brown

It would cost EA Sports $1bn every four years

FIFA are reportedly wanting to charge EA Sports $1billion every four years to use their name, which could potentially see FIFA 22 as the last ‘FIFA’ game.

Last week, EA Sports stated that it’s considering renaming the franchise as the publisher’s 10-year licensing deal begins to draw to an end.

The license is due to expire after next year’s World Cup in Qatar, and reports are suggesting that FIFA is apparently increasing the price.

The New York Times have reported that negotiations have been taking place for two years, but other sources are suggesting that the pair are at a crossroads in their talks.

According to the New York Times’ sources, FIFA is asking for double the original fee for the naming rights, which would amount to $1billion for every four-year World Cup cycle.

This would mean that, should EA agree to another decade-long deal, they will need to fork out $2.5billion for the FIFA branding.

It is also thought that there are some issues in regard to the exclusive rights to go along with the license.

FIFA’s reported preference would see EA confined to just the video game, however, EA is keen to “explore other ventures within its FIFA video game ecosystem”.

For example, gaming tournaments, highlights or real football games and digital products have been mentioned.

Should FIFA walk away – which is an option – it would allow other competitors to capitalise on the legacy EA has created over the years.

Speaking to the New York Times, ex-EA exec Peter Moore said the lack of a statement on the topic of the renewal talks sends “a little bit of a signal”.

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