'FBI SWAT team' arrives at US Capitol after Trump supporters storm building 10 months ago

'FBI SWAT team' arrives at US Capitol after Trump supporters storm building

More scarcely believable scenes in Washington D.C.

Eyewitness reports suggest an FBI SWAT team was brought into the US Capitol complex on Wednesday in an attempt to restore calm after pro-Trump protestors stormed the building.


Congress had been due to ratify President-elect Joe Biden's electoral victory - a victory that, despite failing to provide any evidence, Trump and many of his supporters have repeatedly claimed was unjust.

Many Trump supporters had arrived in Washington D.C. for  a 'March for Trump' / 'Save America' rally held outside the building earlier in the day, with the outgoing president speaking at the event.

Some of those who attended the rally stormed the Capitol building as they made their way towards the White House, clashing with police and security staff and setting off fire extinguishers while inside the building.

Disturbingly, there were also reports a woman had been shot in the chest and law enforcement officials told NBC News that at least one improvised explosive device was found on the grounds of the US Capitol.


In total, in excess of 1,000 National Guards were deployed to attempt to gain control of the situation.

President Trump also tweeted a pre-recorded video in which he called for peace, but repeated unsubstantiated claims that the election was "fraudulent".