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03rd Mar 2017

VIDEO: Nigel Farage got ‘knighted’ by a child on TV, and then she let him have it

Little girl 1-0 Nigel Farage

Tony Cuddihy

Little girl 1-0 Nigel Farage.

We’ve never heard of News Thing, we’ve never heard of Sam Delaney and we’ve certainly never heard of a News Thing Knighthood, but it’s going to be etched in our minds for eternity thanks to this wonderful little girl’s takedown of Nigel Farage.

Dressed up as a queen on RT UK and told to ‘knight’ the abhorrent former leader of UKIP, the child was asked to give Farage the ultimate honour with an inflatable toy sword at the end of a segment in which he was grilled about his feud with UKIP sole MP Douglas Carswell.

It was all going so well, or as well as a fake TV ‘beknighting’ could go, for the controversial politician until the child stopped for a moment, braced herself, and delivered the finest of all verbal knockout punches.

Out of the mouths of babes indeed.

The less said about snivelling host Delaney’s, “That’s very naughty!” the better.


Nigel Farage