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11th Sep 2021

Fans are losing it over God Of War’s Thor reveal

Kieran Galpin


Thor got a mythology-accurate makeover.

Having become familiar with Chris Hemsworth’s depiction of Thor, the world was both pleased and confused to see God of War’s (GOW) depiction of the Norse mythological figure.

Unveiled at the PlayStation Showcase on September 2, the next instalment in the franchise was confirmed as God of War: Ragnarok. Though the game itself was praised, the focus was undoubtedly on the reveal of Thor.

Back in 2018, The God of War franchise – which is usually set in the Greek mythological pantheon – made the jump to ancient Scandinavia. Having killed literally all the Greek gods, the main character Kratos moved to the Norse pantheon alongside his son Atreus who, spoiler, also turned out to be Loki.

Hopefully, he leaves some Gods alive this time.

Now, the saga continues with new Norse instalments and a character whose name bears familiarity: Thor!

Unlike the Marvel depiction of Thor, GOW’s version is less muscled blonde bimbo and more beer belly and braids.

“This gives me endgame PTSD,” said one Twitter user, referencing Thor’s weight gain in Avengers: Endgame.

Surprisingly, Thor in mythology is actually pretty close to GOW’s design. He is often described as being a drunk, of larger stature, and covered in ginger braided hair.

“Thor looks like my Dad looking at a leftover takeaway after a session,” one person said.

“Okay I kind of love this Thor design because 1. He still conveys that he can kick anyone’s ass and 2. In Norse Mythology Thor was this hard drinking hard feasting bastard who loved a good party and honestly I feel that energy here. Like I bet he’s nursing a massive hangover,” tweeted one fan.

This meme never gets old:

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