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19th Mar 2021

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have all gone down globally

Wayne Farry

What do we do now?

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have gone down across the world.

The three apps, some of the most popular on this planet, stopped working out of the blue on Friday evening, just as we were all preparing for yet another weekend of fucking awful Zoom quizzes.

Oddly, Facebook’s own “platform status” page, which tracks problems for developers on the social network, stated that the platform is “healthy”.

The apps and sites do get hit down by technical glitches occasionally, but most are resolved after a short period of time. In 2019, Facebook was hit by its longest outage in recent history, when the site went down for a day.

The gods of the algorithm are the only ones who know when the sites will be back. So log off and go for a walk or something.