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15th Apr 2022

Extinction Rebellion close four of London’s busiest bridges

Charlie Herbert

Extinction Rebellion protests London

Activists have been forming human barricade at the bridge entrances

Traffic on four of London’s busiest bridges has been brought to a standstill because of Extinction Rebellion protestors.

Activists from the group have lined the roads outside Blackfriars, Westminster, Waterloo and Lambeth bridges ahead of the Friday afternoon rush hour.

In a tweet, the group said: “We will #RebelForLife till the Government act like its a #ClimateEmergency and end all new oil & gas. 3 years ago XR made a garden on Waterloo bridge & occupied London. We will go on till we meet our demands.”

Protestors have also gathered at Hyde Park Corner, bringing the roundabout there to a standstill with a human barrier.

They have said they are continuing to let emergency services through their barricades.

A crowd has also gathered outside Charing cross police station, with protests there to demand the release of activist Emma Smart who is being held there.

The Metro reports that Smart is believed to have been arrested for gluing her hand to a window and was denied bail.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are aware of a number of demonstrations happening today. We are seeing pockets of protest which are causing delays and disruption across central London.

“A policing operation is in place and officers are on scene and working to manage the impact.”

It is exactly three years since Extinction Rebellion’s first major mass demonstration, which caused chaos in London in April 2019.

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