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16th Oct 2015

Everyone is going apesh*t at McDonald’s for ‘killing off’ the Smarties McFlurry

People are losing their minds...

Ben Kenyon

Whoever said ‘all good things come to an end’ is an absolute b*stard.

This is the 21st Century. We put a man on the god-damn moon. Why must they?

But just like when Friends finished or when Sir Alex Ferguson called time on his Manchester United career, the world has had another of its shining stars snuffed out – this time it’s the Smarties McFlurry.

You’ve been able to get one of those creamy little beauts to go with your six double cheeseburgers for as long as we can remember. We’ve grown up with them.

Yes, limited edition McFlurries have come and gone, but the Smarties one has been a dependable chocolatey ever-present on the dessert menu.

But if rumours are true, it looks like McDonald’s may have killed off it off for good. There was no sign of it on their website.

Understandably the internet was losing its mind over it.

But there was one chap who took the news a lot harder than the rest. So hard in fact, that he wrote this heartfelt message to McDonald’s. To say he’s gutted is an understatement.

It’s worth a read…