Everyone's taking the piss out of Boris Johnson's embarrassing Brexit folder blunder 5 years ago

Everyone's taking the piss out of Boris Johnson's embarrassing Brexit folder blunder

Sometimes we wonder whether Boris Johnson is doing it on purpose.

The recently appointed Foreign Secretary - yes that wasn't a bad dream, it actually happened - has made a career out of playing the bumbling fool, whilst at the same time engaging in highly divisive, and some may say devious, politicking.


It is enough to make you wonder whether he plays up to his comic persona to weirdly charm and endear himself to large sections of the general public, thus allowing himself carte blanc to do whatever he likes because it's just 'Boris being Boris'.

That said, surely his latest blunder can't have been planned. Mainly because it only serves to paint him a vacuous surface politician with no real substance nor firm believes - which is exactly what he has been accused of since the EU referendum.


Johnson was pictured sat beside Prime Minister Theresa May during a specially convened cabinet meeting, specifically arranged in order to "brainstorm" Brexit, and strategically plan for the UK's departure from the European Union.

Boris certainly looked the part to the PM's left (we suspect he was seated there so May could keep an eye on him); he was seen banging on the table in agreement as his leader name-checked both Team GB's Olympians and Paralympians.

Before him on the table was a red file, no doubt filled with all the important notes and documents he had prepared for a discussion about one of the most significant and wide-changing changes to our constitution in four decades, right?


Wrong. Because unlike his fellow cabinet members, whose files were filled to the brim, Johnson's was...well...empty. Void of information. Lacking in substance. Sans data. Sparse in fact. A whole lot of hollow nothing. Remind you of anyone?


Some would say it is a metaphor of Boris' whole political career - we couldn't possibly comment.

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