EU votes to end daylight savings in 2021 10 months ago

EU votes to end daylight savings in 2021

Those clock changes could be ending

MEPs have voted to scrap the practice of moving clocks forward by an hour in spring then back again in the autumn. From April 2021, member states will have a choice with regards to the time system they'll adopt.

Essentially, the proposal states that these time changes should be abolished in 2021 and it is up to the member states to choose between winter or summer time zones - they can keep the current summer time system or scrap the twice-yearly clock changes.

Under the new legislation, governments that opt to make summer time permanent would adjust their clocks for the last time on the last Sunday in March 2021.

For those choosing the permanent standard time - also called winter time - the final clock change would be on the last Sunday of October 2021.

Under an EU directive, at present, all 28 states currently abide by daylight saving time and switch to summer time on the last Sunday of March and back to winter time on the last Sunday of October.

The European Parliament voted by 410 to 192 in favour of ending the practice of seasonal time shifts.

The practice of switching the clocks was first introduced in World War I in an effort to save energy by prolonging evening daylight in summer. A recent EU-wide survey of 4.6 million people discovered that 84% of respondents wanted to end seasonal clock changes.