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20th Feb 2019

Essex Police’s e-fit of suspected burglar mocked on Facebook

We have no idea why...

Simon Lloyd

*Serious voice*

Have you seen this man?

Essex Police have released an e-fit of the man – along with his magnificently styled facial hair – who they would like to speak to in connection with a burglary in Benfleet in early January.

Since appearing on the force’s Facebook page on Wednesday, the e-fit has received plenty of responses from the general public. Unfortunately, most of the replies aren’t all that helpful for those investigating the burglary. Instead of providing any worthwhile information about the suspect, the majority of the comments are more about his appearance in the e-fit.

‘I remember my first time using Microsoft Paint too,’ reads one. Another adds that they’d ‘played Wii Tennis with him last week.’

There’s plenty of other stuff too: references to Craig David, felt tips… that sort of thing.

For what it’s worth, anyone who is able to identify the man or has information about the burglary should contact Basildon CID on 101.


Essex Police