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29th Jan 2017

Embarrassing past tweet emerges for Trump’s Vice President over the Muslim Ban

Clearly a man of unshakable conviction.

Mike Wright

Some politicians would do anything for a seat at the table of power.

Not Mike Pence.

No matter what blandishments or baubles he’s offered, he sticks to his principles. He calls it like it is. Unlike so many other spineless creatures that inhabit his profession.

So when during the presidential campaign Donald Trump called for a ban on immigration from Muslim countries in the wake of terror attacks in Europe, Pence called it like it was.

It would be a stupid and retrograde move that was ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘offensive’ to the US’s tradition.

This was before Trump tapped the then Governor of Indiana to be he running mate. But even then he didn’t temper his beliefs to please his new boss.

And then this week, when President Trump signed an executive order banning immigration from Muslim countries, Pence courageously stood behind him and nodded along in agreement.

What a hero. A rare beacon of conviction in these dark political times.