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14th Jan 2019

This humble egg is now Instagram’s most liked photo ever

Rudi Kinsella


It’s literally just an egg

When it comes to Instagram likes, what do you view as a successful post?

For some people it could be hitting the hundred mark, others it could be far more, and some of us are just happy to break double digits.

But whatever you’re getting for your selfies, we can guarantee it’s nowhere near what this egg is getting.

Last week, an account was set up under the name “World_Record_Egg”, and their goal was quite simple – to have the most liked Instagram post of all time.

Previously, it had been the announcement of the birth of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s baby, which had a healthy 18 million likes, so the egg was setting the bar pretty high.

And as of Sunday night, we are delighted to announce that this humble picture of an egg is now officially the most liked picture in Instagram’s history.

At the time of writing, the egg has over 23 million likes. Yep. 23 million.

Have a look at it below, in all of its glory.

Eggcelent stuff… Sorry.