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04th Apr 2021

Three people charged following brawl in Edinburgh park

Simon Lloyd

Police have condemned the “blatant anti-social behaviour”

Three people have been charged after a brawl erupted in an Edinburgh park on Saturday.

Local police said “thousands” had gathered in The Meadows throughout the day, with footage circulated on social media showing fighting breaking out.

In one video, police can be seen intervening, with officers called to numerous incidents within the park throughout the day.

“We are aware of the extent of the disorder seen in the Meadows this weekend and we absolutely condemn this,” Chief Inspector Sarah Taylor said.

“Officers were called to a number of incidents over the course of the day and responded quickly and professionally in the face of some blatant anti-social behaviour.

“We’ve been working with the council and are committed to tackling these issues together, both in the immediate future and long-term. There will be zero tolerance.”

Three people were charged in connection with anti-social behaviour and serious assault, though police are looking to track down others who were involved in a string of incidents that occurred throughout the day.

A clean-up operation has since been conducted within the park, with council employees joined by volunteers to clear up some of the litter left behind on Saturday.