Eamonn Holmes fears being 'sacked by woke brigade' 7 months ago

Eamonn Holmes fears being 'sacked by woke brigade'

He said he admires Piers Morgan for 'standing up to woke.'

Eamonn Holmes has spoke about his fear that he'll be sacked by the "woke" brigade for saying "something offensive to somebody."


The presenter, who often hosts This Morning alongside his wife and fellow presenter Ruth Langsford, described being cancelled as something he worries about "all the time."

He told the Daily Star: "It's a minefield, it’s a total worry all the time.

"I don't wake up in the morning and say, 'I’m going to say something ­offensive to somebody.'


"I know I’m the most tolerant, caring, open-minded person but that doesn’t stop me saying that something is wrong or right, or having a joke.

"But there are people who wake up wanting to be offended and they literally want you sacked.

"You said this word that’s now banned..."

He also spoke about his concern about the influence woke culture has over TV companies because of how important the culture is with advertisers, a debate that sparked into life earlier this year as companies began pulling advertising from anti-woke channel GB News.


Whilst the 61-year-old said he didn't always agree with what he said, he did admit that he admires Piers Morgan and that the TV industry "need him to stand up to woke."

He added: "I’m not saying I agree with ­everything he says, but I think that everybody just rolls over for woke."

Back in August, Holmes' came under fire for comparing a This Morning guest's hair to that of an alpaca's, adding that he wanted to "pet" it.

He later tweeted an apology for his comments, saying that he was "mortified."


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