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11th Jul 2018

Drunk man is miraculously saved from oncoming train after he fell onto the tracks

Paul Moore

“The poor driver. To see what they have to go through.”

New South Wales’ transport services have released footage of a dramatic near-miss that recently occurred at the Berala train station in Sydney.

As you can see below, the security camera footage shows a man leaping to the aid of a drunken pedestrian that had fallen onto the train tracks.

Thankfully, the heroic bystander managed to rescue the other man as the oncoming train was hurtling down the tracks.

Nine News have reported that the train driver did activate the vehicle’s emergency brakes when he spotted this man on the tracks, but given the fact that the train was at full speed and it usually takes a kilometre to make a complete stop, this person would have certainly been killed if it wasn’t for this dramatic intervention.

Authorities later confirmed that the man who fell on the tracks was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

“Imagine being in charge of 1,000 tons of steel travelling at 60 km/h … and you’re confronted with this.” The authorities said in a tweet accompanying the video.

Regarding the incident, Andrew Constance, NSW Transport Minister, has said: “The poor driver. To see what they have to go through, as some drunk falls onto the tracks – it’s just horrific in every sense.”

Here’s the footage in full.