Downing St responds to leaked Boris 'f**king hopeless' Hancock text 11 months ago

Downing St responds to leaked Boris 'f**king hopeless' Hancock text

Aye, a real vote of confidence that

Downing Street has come out to reassure that Boris Johnson has "full confidence" in the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, despite having him to dead to rights as calling him "totally f**king hopeless". We really are living in The Thick of It, aren't we?


This comes after former adviser, Dominic Cummings, shared private WhatsApp messages which dobbed in the Prime Minister to Twitter - just the latest twist in his utterly surreal tugging at the thread of the Tory administration. He bloody loves the content, this lad.

Dominic Cummings messages from Boris Johnson

However, the PM's spokesperson has come out to say that he still has faith in Hancock, adding that “[t]he prime minister has worked very closely with the health secretary throughout and will continue to do so.” He may not be getting the sack (for now) but he clearly isn't cutting him much slack despite all being, seemingly, as "totally f**king useless" as each other.


Johnson was confronted over the Cummings statement by SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, during the PMQs today, but he refused to answer and would not comment on "whether the derogatory comments he expressed on his health secretary are valid or not”. In fairness, we could do with knowing - he is quite heavily responsible for the nation's wellbeing.

The messages are regarding Hancock's handling of the Covid-19 and, specifically, the number of daily tests, as it became apparent that the UK were far behind the amount being conducted by the US back in March.

We don't like Dominic Cummings particularly either - well, some of us more than others - but he's certainly providing us with important, incriminating and humorous content, albeit it passed its sell-by date. Would've been handy if you were all a bit more transparent and on-the-ball back in March, don't you reckon?