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29th Jan 2017

Donald Trump’s Press Secretary has made a right idiot of himself on Twitter

Carl Kinsella

Good thing his job doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of the press or anything.

Sean Spicer has had a rather torrid beginning to his tenure as Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, the person responsible for presenting the message of the Trump administration to the media.

In Spicer’s first press conference, he refused to take questions from reporters as he chastised the media for accurately reporting the size on Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd.

Yesterday, he made an online blunder when he approvingly shared a tweet from The Onion about Spicer’s own role in the administration.

The Onion, a well-known satirical outlet, had posted a tweet claiming that “Sean Spicer’s role in the Trump administration will be to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation.

Spicer apparently stopped reading before he reached the last word, because on Saturday evening he quoted the tweet alongside his own response: “You nailed it. Period!”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be massively surprised to see such a misstep from a man who appeared to tweet out a password a matter of days ago, but it’s quite stunning all the same.

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