Donald Trump's kids won’t be voting for him in New York's election battle 6 years ago

Donald Trump's kids won’t be voting for him in New York's election battle

Donald Trump's children didn't register in time to vote for their dad in New York's Republican primary - and now they feel "guilty", according to reports.

Eric (aged 32) and Ivanka (34) Trump, who run various elements of their father's business empire while he tries to take over the world, haven't successfully registered as Republicans ahead their home state primary this week. Now, neither will be eligible to vote for their father in the upcoming election.


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The oldest Trumpkin, Donald Jr, 38, is already a registered Republican voter, whereas the registration status of Trump's youngest daughter, Tiffany, 18, is still unknown. The apparent lack of enthusiasm from Ivanka and Eric has stoked rumours online that they might be "secret Democrats".


Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has issued two press releases accounting for the offsprings' behaviour, with Trump himself appearing on Fox & Friends to say:

"They feel very, very guilty. They didn’t register in time, so they feel very, very guilty. But it’s fine. I mean, I understand that. I think they have to register a year in advance and they didn’t, so Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting. It’s fine. I mean, I understand that.”

Records from the New York State Board of Elections between 2006 and today show both Eric and Ivanka to be registered voters, who are specifically listed as "not enrolled in a party."

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