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11th Jul 2017

Donald Trump is expected to visit the UK in 2018

No official date has been set yet.

Darragh Berry

The news was announced this morning.

US President Donald Trump is expected to visit the UK in 2018, as reported by the BBC.

It’s understood that both Downing Street and the White House are currently looking at options for the visit.

In January, Queen Elizabeth invited Donald Trump over to Britain when the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May visited Washington.

However, the thought of a state visit caused controversy in the UK and majority of people did not want the US President visiting their country which led to Trump allegedly changing his mind about the trip.

Trump was said to not be keen on a visit to the UK if he received a frosty reception, or if there was a potential for protests happening against him.

Queen Elizabeth was expected to announce Trump’s visit in her speech in June, where she set out her official plans for the year.

However, a date was not announced as no concrete plans had been made as of yet between the United Kingdom and the United States.

Although Theresa May’s political future is uncertain, she is adamant that she will be staying put in 10 Downing Street.

Her relationship with Trump has been described as good and Trump announced just last week that he and May had developed a very strong relationship.