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16th Nov 2016

Donald Trump is reportedly planning to introduce a Muslim registration system

In the land of the free?

Simon Lloyd

Donald Trump made little secret during his election campaign that he didn’t like the idea of Muslims entering the United States.

“Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown on Muslims from entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on,” he’d said in the wake of last December’s San Bernardino terrorist attack, repeating this sentiment almost word for word on his website.

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As we told you last week, this statement mysteriously vanished in the hours after it was confirmed that Trump would be America’s 45th President.

But that’s not to say Trump hasn’t got a plan for any Muslims planning to enter to the land of the free‘s borders in the years ahead…

Donald Trump Campaigns In Golden, Colorado

As reported by the Independent, Trump could introduce a registry for Muslim immigrants in the US, with a man believed to be a key member of the President-elect’s transition team claiming such plans are under consideration.

Kris Kobach, currently secretary of state for Kansas, has revealed that advisors to Trump were looking at how to implement such a system after it was suggested by the 70-year-old. If approved, it is said that immigrants from Muslim countries would be forced to register on a database and receive a form of identification that notes their religion.

The Independent point out that Mr Kobach has played his part in devising several tough immigration laws in a number of US states and is believed to have been in regular contact with Mr Trump’s immigration advisers.

Kobach is thought to be a favourite for the role of Attorney General, although this is yet to be confirmed by the President-elect’s transition team. He also helped design a similar system under George W Bush’s presidency which saw thousands of Muslim visitors and temporary US residents register with the state. This system was scrapped five years ago after criticism that it unfairly targeted immigrants from predominantly Islamic countries.