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05th Jun 2019

Donald Trump ‘forgets’ he has already met Michael Gove in GMB interview

Wayne Farry

How the hell do you forget that face?

Donald Trump is currently on a state visit to the United Kingdom and it has been a rather uneventful trip. So far he has stated that the NHS is “on the table” in future US-UK trade talks, stated that the NHS is not on the table in future US-UK trade talks and probably done a million other weird things we’ve not seen.

He made the comments about the NHS not being up for negotiation during a Good Morning Britain interview with Piers Morgan, in which he also appeared to forget ever meeting Michael Gove.

“I don’t know him,” said Trump when asked by Morgan about Gove.

“I met him last night at the dinner for the first time.

“I thought he was very good.”

However, Trump actually met him days before his inauguration as US president in early 2017, when he was interviewed by Gove for The Times.

Remember, for a second, what Michael Gove looks like. This man, with this face.

donald trump

Imagine how little an impression someone with this face needs to make for you to forget ever coming across them. It is a face that most people try to forget but can’t, and somehow it slipped through the cracks for Trump.

In fact, it is so unforgettable, that to be honest Trump probably didn’t forget, and probably just doesn’t like the guy, as suggested by his comments at the end of May in which he said he that Gove wouldn’t be his preferred choice as the Tory leader.

So, Michael. He does know you, he just doesn’t fucking like you.