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07th Feb 2019

Trump says one of America’s greatest accomplishments is the “abolition of civil rights”

Rudi Kinsella

donald trump

Another day, another Trump gaffe

Donald Trump hasn’t had the best week. A survey on CNN showed that over 40% of American people felt that they were currently living through the worst government of their lives.

On top of that, he went on a Twitter rant on Thursday, where he accused the media of “presidential harassment”, except he did it in all caps.

And most recently, in a video, where he was definitely looking a little less energetic than usual, the US president had an unfortunate mix-up with his words, which he normally so good with.

While speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington on Thursday morning, Trump said that the “abolition of civil rights” was one of America’s finest achievements…

Have a look at the clip below:

Realistically, this was just a slip of the tongue from Trump, but given the controversy that surrounds him and his presidency at all times, it really isn’t a good look at all.

We’ll keep an eye on his Twitter for an official response, most likely in all caps and featuring the words “witch hunt” at the end.