Dominic Cummings claims he heard PM make 'bodies piled high' comments 4 months ago

Dominic Cummings claims he heard PM make 'bodies piled high' comments

"I heard that in the PM's study."

Dominic Cummings has claimed he heard Boris Johnson make the widely reported comment suggesting the government "let the bodies pile high" in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic rather than impose another lockdown. Johnson of course denied this story at the time it was reported.


Johnson's former chief adviser told the select committee on Wednesday that there were inaccurate versions of this story being reported by some places, naming the Sunday Times. He also said the BBC's version of the story was accurate, confirming that "I heard that in the PM's study."

This claim was made on an explosive day in the world of politics, as the man behind Boris Johnson's government's strategy - until he was sacked after their fallout - made a series of revelations about how the pandemic was handled inside Downing Street.

Cummings also said he was in regular contact with the BBC's political editor throughout 2020, confirming what many people assumed: that he was her main source inside No. 10.


Cummings also said health secretary Matt Hancock should have been fired on 15-20 occasions.

It is a damning indictment on the cruelty and incompetence of the Tory government. So I suppose all we can do is laugh...