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26th Mar 2015

Defendant eats his own sh*t on the witness stand

The things people will do to stop a trial...


Stop the next court case you’re involved with by using this one simple trick…

It’s pretty f*cking hardcore, though.

Are you ready for this? OK. You were warned:

If you need to take a break in the middle of your trial, simply reach into your trousers and start eating your own sh*t like it ‘aint no thang.


This is exactly what Andrew Gilbertson did in full view of a judge and busy courtroom in the US.

Gilbertson is pleading not guilty of robbing a bank in California by reason of insanity.

He is claiming the that the Virgin Mary told him to commit the crime – and funnily enough – she was the one who told him to get his fecal munch on too. 

Unfortunately (for him), Gilbertson’s rash stunt only forced a temporary recess. The trial continues.

Image: KSBY News