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02nd Nov 2018

David Cameron wants a return to politics and Labour MPs are not happy

Marc Mayo

David Cameron

The former Prime Minister has been labelled ‘worse than Boris Johnson’, which must sting

David Cameron isn’t the most popular of former Prime Ministers, just ask, well, almost anyone. And yet, he wants another crack at frontline politics.

Fresh reports detail how the 52-year-old is “bored shitless” by his time spent doing whatever it is he does now, and the foreign secretary role is in his sights.

Naturally, the opposition party have leapt the chance to highlight Cameron’s flaws as Labour MPs on Twitter vented their distaste at his desire to schmooze around the world on a taxpayer-funded jolly.

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner focused on how he ’caused enough damage last time’ while former Labour leadership hopeful Yvette Cooper labelled him ‘worse than Boris Johnson’.

Cameron resigned as PM in July 2016 in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum vote. He then scuttled off altogether when quitting his role as the member of parliament for Whitney just two months later and has barely been seen in public since.

Most famously, the post-PM Cameron took part in a newspaper feature in his garden shed. It was a stark example of a man with no practical use to society, and Leeds East MP Richard Burgon happily leapt on it when tweeting: “Better if he just stays in his posh shed.”

Caroline Flint retweeted journalist Janice Turner’s take that: “The only thing which unites Britain right now is never wanting to see the entitled chancer who bolloxed up the country ever again.”

“Siri, show me a sense of entitlement,” Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff added to sum up how Eton-educated Cameron’s belief he can just stroll into any job he fancies a crack at has worn pretty thin.