Daniel and Lily from The Undateables have called off their wedding 1 month ago

Daniel and Lily from The Undateables have called off their wedding

"This is worse than the Anniston and Pitt breakup"

Love can be hard for anyone, but when you have a disability, it can be even more challenging. The much-loved show "The Undateables" has matched numerous couples through its eleven series. One of the most well-received couples was Daniel and Lily, but that fairytale has sadly come to an end.



The pair met in 2015 when they immediately hit it off, returning for the Christmas special where Daniel proposed to Lily. The crowd went nuts, as did the reaction online.

Taking to his TikTok, the 32-year-old singer opened up to his 400K followers about his breakup with Lily Taylor.

"Listen, I just want to let you all know because me and Lily are always being romantic for the last three years, but we decided to end our relationship together."

He continued: "So me and Lily, we're friends, but I'm very good to be alone."


Their wedding has been in the books for some time, but the constraints issued by the pandemic have made things increasingly complicated. Daniel is, however, hopeful for the future and can't wait to get back out there. The comments have been positive from fans who share their adoration for the couple and their joy that Daniel and Lily are still friends.

"Awww, glad you're still friends, though," writes one user.

"This is worse than Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt breaking up.

"Love island starts this weekend, watch this space, people," writes another.