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15th Feb 2016

Court hears more shocking details of Adam Johnson’s alleged encounter with 15-year-old

More evidence

Gareth Makim

The trial of former Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson continued on Monday.

The winger is accused of two counts of sexual activity with a child and the court has now heard from the girl at the centre of the allegations, who was 15 at the time and ‘idolised’ Johnson.

Friday’s session heard evidence of damning text messages and social media interactions between Johnson and the girl, who on Monday said she had been ‘well up for it’, when the 28-year-old made his alleged advances.


“I got a message from Sunderland player Adam Johnson who I’d idolised for quite a while,” she said, adding that when Johnson first met her he signed a pair of football shirts for her.

Johnson continued to contact her, she said, and brought up the subject of getting a “thank you kiss” for the shirts.

“I was well up for it. It was a surreal type of thing,” the girl told police. “I met up with him again. I gave him his thank you kiss and more.”

Johnson arranged to meet the girl a second time, when the footballer told her he ‘came for my thank you kiss’.

She described how Johnson undid the zip of her jeans and put his hand down her underwear, while also attempting to put her hand down his trousers.

“I sort of knew what he was going to do because of the messages. I was a bit nervous really,” she added, saying that the encounter lasted three or four seconds before she stopped: “I sort of pushed for it to end because it was getting slightly awkward.”

The issue of the girl’s age was also discussed, with the girl making it clear Johnson knew she was below the age of consent.

Johnson was sacked by Sunderland last week after already admitting two charges – of sexual activity with a child and grooming – but he denies the other offences.