Cop who pepper sprayed Black US army officer at traffic stop fired 3 weeks ago

Cop who pepper sprayed Black US army officer at traffic stop fired

The footage reveals the lieutenant's fear of leaving his vehicle

A Black US army lieutenant is suing two police officers following a violent traffic stop in Virginia, in which the policemen pointed their guns at the soldier.


The two police officers also pepper-sprayed the army officer during the traffic stop, footage reveals.

The lieutenant, Caron Nazario, is seen wearing his official uniform when the incident occurred in December last year, the bodycam footage reveals.

In the footage, Nazario is heard saying: "I'm honestly afraid to get out," to which a policeman responds: "Yeah you should be."

The policemen then proceed to repeatedly tell the soldier to "get out."


According to police, the lieutenant was pulled over for failing to display his licence plates, despite temporary plates being clearly visible in the footage.

Nazario, who is seen holding his hands up, tells the officers: "I have not committed any crime."

He was then handcuffed and the policemen searched his car.

The lawsuit, which was filed against the two police officers at the US District Court of Norfolk in Virginia, alleges violations to his constitutional rights, the BBC reported.

In a statement released Sunday, police officials said an investigation was conducted and determined that department policy was not followed and offending officer Gutierrez has since been fired from the department.


The violations include assault, illegal detention and illegal search, the BBC reported.

This comes after scrutiny over alleged police brutality towards minority groups in America has come into the spotlight following the death of George Floyd last year, who died after being detained by police in Minneapolis.