Conor McGregor to return to action for wheelchair boxing match 9 months ago

Conor McGregor to return to action for wheelchair boxing match

McGregor is yet to set a date

Conor McGregor is set to return to action in a wheelchair boxing match with impressionist Al Foran. He was due to fight on September 11 because his recovery from a broken leg injury continues. However, McGregor has had to delay the fight due to recovery, though insists on standing by, as he is excited to compete once his injury heals.


"Guys, the September date is too early for me. I am still in recovery. My docs/physical therapy team out here advice me to stay," McGregor posted to Twitter.

"I reckon late October at earliest. But maybe November/December too. It is hard to say at this time a concrete date. But I’m in! Wait for me please!"


When the official match poster was uploaded, the Irish MMA master also responded: "Hahaha quality! Give me time guys, I’m in! Just need to focus on this recovery for the next while first before I can commit to a date! Have some cool things planned for event tho!"

The 33-year-old's defeat to Dustin Poirie third defeat in his last four professional matches, which also resulted in a serious leg injury that could spell trouble for the fighter's future.


In other McGregor news, after Khabib said that "good always defeats evil" following McGregor's defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, McGregor later tweeted "Covid is good and father is evil?" Khabib's father passed away last year after suffering complications as a result of Covid-19.

Though McGregor has since deleted the horrible comment, UFC legend Daniel Cormier commented on the Tweet.

Speaking of Khabib's response, Cormier said in his ESPN show: "I get shock value and I get trying to get people to talk but [that was] way too far.


"To the point that I immediately called Khabib last night and said, ‘Are you OK?’ I was asking him if he’s OK after having to see that, especially with no ability to do anything about it again."

"Well, [Khabib] can’t do that no more cause he’s not a prizefighter anymore, so now he just has to kind of swallow that - [it was] way too far."

Cormier, who is a former two-weight world champion, went on to say that he struggles to understand how McGregor is maintaining is fanbase with comments like this.


"Honestly, when Conor does stuff like that, it’s hard to understand how there’s still this mass amount of people that support that type of behavior.

"After the fight with Dustin Poirier, a lot of people questioned whether or not Conor McGregor was reaching to try and get in the head of Dustin Poirier.

"Reach back to a time where he had trash talk that could affect people - it didn’t seem to work against Poirier.

"I feel like from him talking about Dustin’s wife to now Khabib’s father, he is just taking it way too far."

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