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26th Jul 2018

Conor McGregor escapes jail following court appearance in New York

Alan Loughnane

As expected, a plea deal was entered

Conor McGregor will not serve jail time for his part in the events that transpired at the UFC Media day in April, which saw the UFC star throw objects at a bus containing other fighters.

McGregor appeared in court in Kings County Criminal Court in Brooklyn, New York charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief for his actions at the UFC 223 media day in April.

A plea deal was entered. All felony counts were dismissed and McGregor was found guilty of a disorderly conduct charge.

He was given five days of community service and ordered to attend anger management classes. He was also issued with three orders of protection.

An order of protection is issued by the court to limit the behaviour of someone who harms or threatens to harm another person. It is used to address various types of safety issues.

McGregor was also ordered to pay restitution for the damage made to the bus. The agreement involves no jail time and will not affect McGregor’s travel visa. He will not have a criminal record.

Below is McGregor arriving at the court a short time ago.

Prior to the deal, McGregor had faced a possible 12 criminal charges stemming from the incident, including two felony criminal mischief charges. Those charges carried a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.