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27th Apr 2016

Abandoned kittens found “coloured in” with markers and pens

There are some very sick, cruel people out there

Jordan Gold

FFS, some people don’t deserve pets…

In what can only be described as a sickening abuse of animal rights, two adorable kittens have turned up at the Bradford Cat Watch Rescue centre coloured in marker.

The centre is currently trying to ascertain if the ink is poisonous or if the cats should be shaved.


A quote was released by the centre to accompany the uncomfortable photographs. It’s enough to turn the stomach of any animal-lover:

“Here at BCWR KITTENS we often consider ourselves to be unshockable….. we have dealt with most situations but this is a first.

“The police arrived earlier with these two kittens who I can only describe as 4 to 5 week old … who have been “coloured in”… most probably with a permanent marker. This is a dreadful act of cruelty and who knows what untelling damage this may have caused.

The two cats – recently renamed Smurf and Shrek – have had several baths and a bottle of kitten milk each. The little pair are doing really well, having been nursed for the last 36 hours. The colour is fading and they are apparently taking feeds.

At least they are in safe hands now.


Details on how you can visit the centre, as well as a call for any information on the owner of the cats and information on how you can help with adoptions / donations, can be found here.

Let’s help Skrek and Smurf get revenge!

via BCWR