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15th Nov 2015

Charlie Hebdo cartoonist creates cartoon in the wake of Paris attacks (Pics)

Joann Sfar used the hashtag #ParisisaboutLight


Although Friday was a horrifically dark day for the people of Paris, a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist has asked people to remember that the city is ‘about light’.

Joann Sfar took to Instagram last night to share the below cartoon, where he thanked ‘friends from the whole world’ for their support via the #PrayforParis hashtag.

The cartoonist urged people to remember that Paris is about ‘music, kisses, life, champagne and joy’…


A photo posted by Joann Sfar (@joannsfar) on

It’s believed that at least 129 people were killed in six separate terror attacks in the French capital attack last night.

In January of this year, two gunmen walked into the Charlie Hebdo office, located in Paris and opened fire, killing 12 people.

The hashtag #ParisisaboutLight has been picked up on social media with people posting poignant photos…