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01st Aug 2023

Captain Tom’s family defend building home spa

Joseph Loftus

The Captain Tom Foundation has stopped taking donations since the planning dispute came to light.

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family have sparked yet more controversy after defending their decision to have a home spa complex built in his name.

Captain Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram Moore, and her husband Colin, were granted permission to build a Captain Tom Foundation Building back in 2021.

The permission was given to build the foundation on the grounds of their home.

Initially they claimed the site would be used ‘in connection with the Captain Tom Foundation, and its charitable objectives.”

Another plan, submitted a year ago, was refused by planning authorities as it included a larger building which contained a spa pool.

The spa was none the less built all the same.

Planning bosses subsequently requested the demolition of the unauthorised building, however the family have defended their spa saying the building is ‘no more overbearing’ than the previously approved application.

More specifically, Mr Ingram-Moore said: “The subject building is no more overbearing than the consented scheme.

“The view is virtually identical save for a pitch roof being added to the elevational treatment. The heights are the same. As such there cannot be an unacceptable overbearing impact.”

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The council, however, said it reports “detail harm caused to the setting of the listed building and, in particular, the significant difference between the two schemes that arises from the lack of sufficient public benefit that has been proposed in respect of the unauthorised building”.

They added that the building has an adverse impact on neighbours.

The Captain Tom Foundation has stopped taking donations since the planning dispute emerged.

They are also facing an inquiry by the Charity Commission over concerns about the charity’s management.