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10th Apr 2017

Canada’s favourite coffee chain Tim Hortons is coming to the UK

Doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches and the famous Double-Double - time to get excited

Rich Cooper

If you’ve ever been to Canada, you’ll know all about Tim Hortons.

It’s kind of the Canadian answer to Starbucks (except Tim Hortons came first), but really it’s more like a combination of Starbucks, McDonald’s breakfast and Greggs.

They do no-nonsense coffee, delicious doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches and these little delights called Timbits – doughnut holes that come in a variety of flavours. Not to mention the Double-Double – coffee with two sugars and two creams.

Having been to Canada in the last year, I can confirm that Tim Hortons is the shit.

Photo: Calgary Reviews

We can also confirm that the first UK Tim Hortons store will be opening on Glasgow’s Argyle Street this year. Due in May, you’ll be able to treat yourself to some tasty coffee and (more than) a few pastry treats.

According to a press release, the Glasgow store will be “followed by 12-month rapid expansion into other major regional cities”, which means you could be seeing a Tim Hortons in your town very soon.

Tim Hortons president Elías Díaz Sesé said: “Bringing Tim Hortons to Great Britain and Glasgow, is something we’re really excited about.

“Great Britain is a nation of coffee lovers, so we’re confident Tim Hortons will continue to be a leader in the quick service restaurant sector across the pond.”

Now let’s all enjoy some pictures of doughnuts.

Photo: Raysonho

Photo: Ruth Hartnup

Photo: Michael Gil
Excited? You should be.