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21st Mar 2018

CEO of Cambridge Analytica suspended with immediate effect

Conor Heneghan

Cambridge Analytica released a statement on Tuesday evening.

Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica, has been suspended by the company with immediate effect.

The board of the company confirmed the decision to suspend Nix on Tuesday in the wake of revelations about the conduct of Nix and some of his Cambridge Analytica colleagues released by Channel 4 News on Monday.

In footage aired on Channel 4, high-profile figures from Cambridge Analytica were filmed discussing the use of bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs and sex workers to influence elections.

Nix himself was filmed detailing examples of his company’s ability to discredit political rivals via smear campaigns, including arranging encounters with sex workers and staging scenarios in which bribery could be caught on camera.

Nix was also heard to say that he had met Donald Trump “many times”, while claims were made that the company played a highly influential role in the 2016 US Presidential election, in which Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

A statement from Cambridge Analytica on Tuesday read: “The Board of Cambridge Analytica has announced today that it has suspended CEO Alexander Nix with immediate effect, pending a full, independent investigation.

“In the view of the Board, Mr. Nix’s recent comments secretly recorded by Channel 4 and other allegations do not represent the values or operations of the firm and his suspension reflects the seriousness with which we view this violation.

“We have asked Dr. Alexander Tayler to serve as acting CEO while an independent investigation is launched to review those comments and allegations.

“We have asked Julian Malins QC to lead this investigation, the findings of which the Board will share publicly in due course.

“The Board will be monitoring the situation closely, working closely with Dr. Tayler, to ensure that Cambridge Analytica, in all of its operations, represents the firm’s values and delivers the highest-quality service to its clients.”