Bystanders branded “disgusting” for filming police crash 3 years ago

Bystanders branded “disgusting” for filming police crash

The officer was knocked over in Coventry

West Midlands Police have criticized bystanders who filmed an officer after he had been knocked off his bike, instead of helping him.


The officer had been pursuing a stolen bike in Coventry, when he was knocked over. In a tweet, West Midlands Police Road Harm Reduction Team said that they were “very disappointed” that people pulled out their mobile phones and began filming, instead of helping the fallen officer.

The incident happened on Coventry's Stoney Stanton Road.

The Road Harm Reduction Team later confirmed that the officer was taken to hospital suffering "bumps and bruises", but was given the all-clear.


They said it was "not what any of us come into work for though".


West Midlands Police called the bystander's actions "absolutely disgusting behaviour".


In a further tweet, they said that "incidents like this [were] becoming all too common".