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09th Dec 2016

Brits will be offered chance to remain individual EU citizens after Brexit

Good news for 48% of the country.

Rich Cooper

The result of the referendum was clear: the majority of British people who voted, chose to leave the EU.

The government was given their instructions and has set about acting on the result, however shambolically they may be doing so. But a significant number of people didn’t want to leave the European Union, and it looks as though EU officials will give British people the chance to remain after all.

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s chief negotiator, laid out plans to give British people the opportunity to remain members of the European Union as individuals, rather than as part of a member state as we currently are and will soon cease to be.



Guy Verhofstadt. Photo: WikiMedia

“It is an important amendment that has captured the imagination and hopes of many of the 48 per cent of Brits that have voted to remain in the EU,” Verhofstadt said of the proposal.

“I am therefore proposing to remove it from my report – which after all is concerned with Treaty change – and to include it in the negotiations we will have with the UK Government.

“I as Brexit negotiator for the Parliament will ensure that it is included in the parliament’s negotiating mandate.”

The plans would enable Brits to be “associate members”, letting them keep freedom of movement to travel, live and work across the EU, as well as giving them a vote in the European Parliament. The proposal was introduced by Verhofstadt as a long-term goal, but has recently been fast-tracked to the negotiating table.


Photo: MPD01605

“The option of being able to retain EU citizenship offers a glimmer of hope for the millions of British people devastated by the referendum result,” commented Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder.

“Everyone who supports this should write to MEPs and tell them how passionately they feel about maintaining their rights as EU citizens, including the ability to live, study and work abroad.”

The government will have to agree to the terms as part of the negotiation to leave the EU, but this opportunity could make the Brexit process a little less painful for everyone involved. Hopefully.


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