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17th Jun 2023

Brits divided over whether men should go topless in public during heat

Charlie Herbert

It’s that time of year

In the last couple of weeks, the mercury has broken the 20C barrier for the first time this year, and we’ve had some proper hot weather.

That means one thing – men across the land have decided that it’s tops off and down to business.

In recent days, you’ve probably seen at least one bloke walking down the street or lying in a park topless, bearing his torso for all to see in a bid to either cool off or catch a tan.

Let’s be honest though, it’s often not a pleasant sight, and some have suggested that men going topless in certain public scenarios is worthy of being sent to “jail” for.

In a post on Reddit, @JellyfishArm sparked debate when they asked: “What’s the general consensus on guys walking around outside with their top off in UK hot weather?”

They then gave their own list of most to least acceptable scenarios for men to be walk around without a shirt on.

They said the most justifiable scenario was being topless within your own property or garden, and also said it’s “fine” to be topless in a park or on the beach.

On the other hand, walking around the shops or supermarket topless was a no-no, whilst picking up the kids from school without a top garment on was an arrestable offence in their eyes.


Many took to the comments to debate when it is and isn’t acceptable for men to walk around shirtless.

The top comment read: “Unless you’re actually on a beach, it just seems trashy to me.”

One person agreed, adding: “It’s usually paired with pink sunburnt skin and a sweaty back.”

And a third said: “Unless you are in your garden or at the beach, absolutely not.”

Another Redditor said that “outside in general public” and in “your home” it is fine as you can “do what you like.”

But they drew the line at “businesses, schools and other establishments” because “it’s unhygienic and off putting.”

Someone else simply couldn’t wrap their head around why men feel the need to ever go topless in public, no matter how hot it is.

They wrote: “I don’t understand it. How much heat is a t-shirt really keeping in anyway? The amount of cooling you get from taking it off must be too insignificant to detect.”

They had a point as well. It turns out that taking your shirt off in sunny weather can actually make you hotter, as it allows the sun to beam directly on to your skin.

Keeping a loose, breathable T-shirt on keeps your skin shaded from the sun and allows fresh air to circulate around your body.

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