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18th Oct 2023

Brits asked what this road sign means to test how safe they are on the road

Joseph Loftus

Are you the king of the road?

Come on then, how well do you know the road? You’ve got your license, dropped your P plate, and think you’re the big fella when you’ve got the foot on the gas heading out of the workplace. But do you really know as much as you think you do?

Well, we’ve got a test for you.

What does this sign mean?

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Surely you recognise it.

It’s one of the most recognisable signs in the country, spotted on dual carriageways, suburban streets, and country lanes.

As road signs go, it’s one of the most common you can find.

However, that being said, it’s thought that a lot of people have absolutely no idea what it means.

Keep scrolling to find out.

This sign means “national speed limit applies”. The national speed limit varies on different types of roads with a speed limit of 60mph on a single carriageway and 70mph on a dual carriageway.

On all other roads with lighting the national speed limit is 30mph unless signs specify otherwise.

In Wales, however, that’s 20mph, and the type of vehicle you’re driving changes things too.

For instance on a single carriageway if you’re towing a trailer you’re limited to 50mph by that sign. The same goes if you’re pulling a caravan.

Buses, minibuses, and coaches can only do 50mph on single lane roads too.

Sharing the sign to a Facebook group called Idiot UK Drivers Exposed, one driver asked people to comment what they think it means.

Most people got it right but some others wanted to have a laugh writing “it means floor it” and another chap said “foot down!”.

In all seriousness though folks, stay careful out there, and there’s no harm in doing a quick refresher course from time to time too.